In this article, Ian Morton, Budd’s Consulting Director, discusses how many companies, who claim to be customer centric, are failing to prioritise and drive their business change programmes based on what their customers really experience. He provides guidance for improvement and clear action steps to help you get there.

Budd has a phrase ‘It’s raining projects’ that neatly describes the volume of business change activity that we see across most companies these days. It sums up the scale of change activity that organisations try to deliver to keep pace with the ever increasing demand for better service, sales and marketing.

Most of this activity has some form of impact on front line service delivery, either in the way in which the frontline is expected to deliver service or in handling responses to new products, mail shots or general account management.

What is not always taken into account, or understood, is the level of impact that these programmes may have on the customers’ perception of the business, their advocacy and general feelings of good will.


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