My last laptopI love this in houseMicrosoft video on getting engineers to share the pain – WSYP – oh that it were true, then the software would have been fixed. It’s such a laugh and MS branding people could get a long way by acknowledging the reputation of laptops…. let alone the engineers by addressing the reputation in practice.

I used to love the requests down the pub – Pete can you come and help us fix the laptop….. People are so confused about what I do for a living.

Anyway I couldn’t anymore. I havent used one for years. So I probably need feedback on where Windows is up to now….. comments please.

All I know is that 3+ years ago when all the buttons got moved around in the Office suite I decided I had to stop smashing laptops that crashed constantly at vital moments and learn the Mac apps. I’ve managed to keep the Mac an MS free zone quite easily.

I go all evangelical when talking about Macs/mac apps for 3 simple reasons: they don’t crash, they start when you open the lid and the when you shut the lid. It’s life changing….well certainly work changing.

I wish FlyBe would realise this when they ask you to start shutting down your machine half way through a flight – I confess I feign to be closing down…very slowly.

So is it still true? – I don’t know anymore, but I do know only 3 experiences of new Windows in the last month….

a) Surface can’t be found in any of the shops to which I’ve been

b) Friend of friend story about customer service nightmare on Surface in US with facebooked evidence

c) Windows 8 upgrade that left printers not working.

We don’t talk about laptops down the pub anymore – everyone bought iPads, or Macs, or both. That makes me sad as inside MS is an amazing business with amazing people. But someone needs to pop a bubble that it’s ok.

The MS ad of 2013 should read: It works. Full stop. On second thoughts, better leave out the full stop. Otherwise they should use the WSYP video and at least win lots of sympathy!

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