Nice dumb things story from 3 today.

I’m in New Orleans at our 20th LimeBridge gathering. Very pleasant I’ve got to say. Someone asked me this morning if it was business or pleasure. Sharing latest practices with 70 degrees and live music on the side? Gotta be both!

IMG_4928-200x300I was walking to the lift when two things happened. I got a text from “3Limit” saying I was approaching my credit limit and offering me a number to call. With a vague memory of last year, I tried the number but didn’t get through the IVR before my wife phoned. Then the call got cut. I rang back. No calls possible – I guessed what had happened and tried to text to tell her. It bounced.

Hmmm. So I try the 3 number. No calls possible. Catch 22!

So borrowing a colleague’s phone I try the number and into the IVR. It’s a Samsung but easy to use – but it wont take 10 digits into the IVR without blanking the screen – a wacky one and I’m not sure why. Eventually I fail enough to get a opt out offer and speak to someone.

“How can I help you?” – “You cut me off”

ID done, they tell me I’ve not been “cut off”, only that “chargeable services have been suspended”……. light blue touch paper and stand back.

To cut a long story short, I’d spent £50 and my direct debit is due tomorrow. So they cut me off. Thanks guys. That’s a great way to get me to increase revenue with your company and to renew in 4 months time.

I have a vague memory of going to the effort of talking to 3 about it a year ago, in fact getting through to the credit head eventually. Wasted my time. Shan’t bother this time.

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