The Admiral saga continues…..I just had a call from Caroline Chalmers, Swansea renewal office who had picked up on the experience and the blog

I”m not sure we communicated 2 way but at least they’re trying. I’m not sure but it sounds like the feedback goes into … well, I should have asked specifics but she’s recorded a complaint so that the trends can be watched….

My feedback was about loss of reputation and trust in holding credit card data and in the continual errors. It wastes so much customer time and must frustrate the staff no end – I get passionate about this stuff!

Head of Claims will try and contact me tomorrow. I look forward to listening.

Next day – Lorna Connelly, deputy head of claims, gave me a call and handled everything graciously accepting the claims experience had not been right for various reasons. She had listened to the call and was horrified. Lots of growth etc. But we don’t quite agree that the errors are occasional rather than systematic ie every transaction has errors.

To illustrate, the next step. I need my proof of no claims bonus for new supplier – see later blog for the buying experience. I go to the website to get my “POB” proof of bonus (as previously heard several times on the IVR). It doesn’t work the first night, nor the second. So I called today. I get through but they cant find my details – I don’t exist. I hang up and call again and I exist. Great call handled really well. But the guy cant email it and has to make  a diary note to send out the post, which he can only do after the policy expires. Should be here in 4 or 5 days. Why do I expect I’ll be calling in 5 or 6 days… Ive met the paperwork before…..

Keep working on it guys.
Postscript – I got email notifications after all, but only 3 out of 4 cars so have had to chase again……I’m told they are in the post.
I did have occasion to compliment an insurer today – RH Insurance who do classic cars. Posted changes to policy to them yesterday, they called and checked today and all done. Everything feels so easy with them.

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