In this article, Susan Caesar, a consultant at Budd, discusses the importance of understanding the causal link between employee behaviour and customer behaviour. Case study findings show that having great agents who listen to customers in order to determine appropriate interventions in real-time can deliver equivalent business outcomes to that of more strategic change programmes – the payback is quicker and it requires little or no capex to get started.

Picture this. You’re in a pub, blindfolded, opposite sits a good friend – you’re just not sure which one. You’re playing 20 questions, question is…

…is this how it feels to sit on the frontline answering the phone to customers? Blind. Relying on only one of your senses (listening) along with your social skills to recognise the other person and make the whole experience zing? If this is the case, surely the best agents are those with highly tuned interpersonal skills – those that have lived a life, been there, done that and got the T-shirt (acquiring impressive life skills along the way)?

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