I was struck by two examples of customer experience surveys today. I don’t answer them anymore. Even professionally interested, it’s just an endless stream of requests – too much effort for anyone.

One was from Southern Water and “4Delivery Ltd”. Apparently they’ve been upgrading a sewage works some half a mile away. They are thanking me for my “cooperation” and hoping they have “met my expectations”…… And would I fill in and post the questionnaire with such questions as “I feft safe and not at risk of injury at all times during the works” (that I never saw) . Oh please!

The second was an email from my Land Rover garage Harwoods. They’re less interested in my feedback than my score – I suspect it affects their bonus!

“I would like to hear from you with regards to your vehicles recent visit to our service department, to confirm the level of service was all to an Outstanding level, and also that you are not experiencing any issues or problems since the visit.  If you could confirm this to me either by email or by calling me on 01732 353637 I would be most grateful.

You may receive an online questionnaire from Land Rover , it is very important to me that every customer can find the time to complete and send back, as the results reflect directly on our staff. It is hoped that your Overall opinion of Harwoods is ‘Outstanding’ and that you ‘definitely would’ recommend us.

May I take this opportunity to thank you for your time and cooperation”

Enough said. I gave them feedback, not a score. The Viz consultancy must have been at work in Land Rover’s customer experience department….

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