I can sense you falling asleep already…. but couldnt leave the story unfinished. Just going back to the proof of no claims discounts from Admiral (NCD).

I’ve been away for a few days and come back to a pile of post – ah it must be those NCDs. Doh – 5 separate envelopes! But on opening – no proof of NCDs. Just 5 identical letters asking a I confirm in writing I really do want to cancel and to send back my policy docs. I call and tell them to stop sending me post, and to check they really did cancel it ( see

previous post about trust and credit cards) . Yes it’s cancelled. Good that’s that – dont expect me to write and dont write to me!

But on finding the policy docs, I notice they contain the NCD proof letter anyway – why didnt anyone say that earier in the process. And of course there were 3 out of 4! Aaargh. So off the 4 policy docs have gone in the post – to Axa.

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