commercial_benefitsMost forward thinking managers would agree that the voice of the customer is the most important voice in the organisation. But current methods for capturing and acting upon the voice of the customer fall short of what’s needed to drive effective business change. Get it right however, and the benefits to the customer and the business can be enormous.

The three letter acronym, Voice of Customer’ (VOC) is now accepted ‘management speak’. Yet mention these words to those in the know and you’re likely to be met with a grimace. For most companies who believe they are listening to customers, and have a specific process for doing so, have few results to show for it. The information they collect tends to be fragmented or bland. They find it difficult to know what to do with the information once they’ve got it, and they are poor at creating accountability for clear outcomes and proving that the process has a tangible return on investment.

But if senior managers can get the process right, the business benefits are significant. That’s because accurately capturing customers’ feedback and frustrations provides an insight into a whole range of things that have gone wrong, both within the front line operation directly dealing with the customer – and across lots of other departments which impact this front line.

This paper discusses how managers can listen more effectively to what their customers are saying.


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