Stop Doing Dumb Things Unconference #SDDT3

Seems like yesterday I was at the Planning Forum’s annual conference, now a major event with 600 people, 3 streams and a frustration of great things you have to miss when you’re presenting! In fact it was the week before but many things are still fresh in the mind. If you were there – what’s […]

Sales bonus schemes are old hat – you need a leaky bucket

I came across a good article talking about eMetrics  via Smart Insights always a good source on real e-stuff rather than hype. Apparently there’s a whole event for it. Talking of hype, it has a Gartner graph on hype over ‘big data’ technologies – quite an interesting list. The article is written by someone I […]

Measuring national well-being in the UK

I like the original idea at Cabinet Office that there was a link between the feeling of well-being and GDP. The collection of data must be costing a good few bobbies on the beat’s wages so let’s hope there’s something to it. But to be useful one must research the drivers of well-being, not just […]