Great conversations – are they part of your work?

Blimey, in the process of changing all my passwords I noticed a metric of “been busy last qtr”.  I hadn’t added anything to the blog in 2 months. The other metric was rolling through “photos in Facebook”. I see we’d had a busy life as well as a busy work life! So much so we […]

Selling England By The Pound

Selling England By The Pound – great music to work to.  I’ve been noticing a tipping point in my tv and music habits, whilst working and playing. The equipment, the ownership, storage, use, location, costs have changed and won’t go back. Take this album with some brilliant tracks – if you do nothing else check […]

How funky is my life?

Here’s an interesting one from an inspirational client: “How funky is my life?” Just googled but I can’t find the poet. Maybe he wrote it himself. Try answering a few of these questions ….. Are you normal, boring, grey? Are you middle of the road? How do you move around the world? Quick, swiftly, impressive, […]

Built to jump to conclusions

Still working hard through Kahneman’s Thinking, Fast and Slow. I’m enjoying all the revelations about the way we think as humans. Most of all I’m excited about solving a puzzle that I challenged myself to a few years ago: Why do people resist change? But more on that another time. I think he’s making the […]