We haven’t cut you off…again

In a postscript to the last blog, I went away to Croatia the week after Easter. After a few days I thought my phone was quiet and checked – it wasn’t working. Same story as New Orleans but without the warning texts saying it was going to happen. Borrowed phone and at least this time […]

We haven’t cut you off……

Nice dumb things story from 3 today. I’m in New Orleans at our 20th LimeBridge gathering. Very pleasant I’ve got to say. Someone asked me this morning if it was business or pleasure. Sharing latest practices with 70 degrees and live music on the side? Gotta be both! I was walking to the lift when […]

Multichannel – not so simples

Great example here of typical multichannel in a vacuum – flybe with their new onphone check in (ah but read the end bit…..it involves 3 too) Announcements on the plane to tell you can use it next time you book online Default option in online booking ( that’s a whole other story of just web […]

Multichannel buying experience

Just been fishing for an iphone 5 as many will be I’m sure. Always fascinating to try and research and buy without help. Start point was with my existing supplier. To access my account I have to renew the password each time – weirdly it seems to not work more than once without reset. Anyway […]

Social support in need of support

Had an interesting experience with my telco provider yesterday. Over the summer I’ve had a couple of calls purporting to make me offers as a “valued customer”. Inside my head, the light bulb says that must mean I’m out of contract and so that’s the first thing I asked. The first guy hung up. The […]