How to give ordinary service on web chat

Interesting use of channels by Travelodge. Encouraging use of web chat in “contact us” – but not available all hours. Sort of replacing phone with chat. But since booking problem occurred at weekend, I couldnt use it. So emailed. By noon today nothing back and so tried chat. Felt like talking to a very ordinary […]

Communication is there to get execution. Talk with people, not at them.

I listened to this twice through – some very simple ideas that really tie good personal communication to execution. From Allan Leighton when he was at the Post Office. Summary “People and customers as the 2 big things in business. Why people win: getting the right people in, being very customer focused and executing well. […]

Are you into brilliant basics or silver bullets?

I’m often struck by how many businesses look for silver bullets. Other people’s silver bullets at that. We want to visit this or that, we want to copy this or that, where can I get an idea for x or y. One thing I’ve learned from nearly 15+  years of judging awards is that silver […]