Minimalism in Pro Bono

I’ve had some good conversations over the past week. And they’ve helped me shape some beliefs and thoughts. Both in the context of Budd’s business and the Customer Experience Pro Bono that’s shaping up with well with over 50 people contributing. The energy in the room at a Pro Bono gathering in Smithfield last week […]

Getting Creative with Pro Bono

Today we went along to the Responsible Business Convention in Islington – a terrific event and a real chance to see what charities, social enterprises and other companies are doing to make a change. Whilst we were there we bumped into Creative Connections (, a company we’ve worked with before at our Stop Doing Dumb […]

Do you want to join our “pro bono” club?

No, its not a U2 fan club. Pro bono public means for the public good. This week we are launching our pro bono scheme in the customer experience industry. Hashtag #probono. You can see more at or join in at the LinkedIn group It’s really very simple. Over the years we’ve done tons of […]