Stop Doing Dumb Things Unconference #SDDT3

Seems like yesterday I was at the Planning Forum’s annual conference, now a major event with 600 people, 3 streams and a frustration of great things you have to miss when you’re presenting! In fact it was the week before but many things are still fresh in the mind. If you were there – what’s […]

Sales bonus schemes are old hat – you need a leaky bucket

I came across a good article talking about eMetrics  via Smart Insights always a good source on real e-stuff rather than hype. Apparently there’s a whole event for it. Talking of hype, it has a Gartner graph on hype over ‘big data’ technologies – quite an interesting list. The article is written by someone I […]

Thinking about thinking

I’ve been reading a fascinating book by Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman. It’s one of those that would generate a blog full of thoughts every page. At one level it’s stuff I’ve heard before, but in another level of depth, with better scientific evidence, with better examples and added meaning. Fundamentally it explores how our […]

Being proactively minimalistic in management

I saw this article trending on Linked In called “Be happier; 10 things to stop doing right now” and it reminded me of several good things I’ve learned but forget to practice. It reminded me of the behaviours that colleague Jonathan Wilson practices so well. And as a result he’s self confident and easy to […]