Customer effort – even after you’ve left

I got a letter in the post this morning from a windscreen company. It politely told me that Admiral had refused to pay them because they (Admiral) said my insurance  cover didn’t cover windscreens. So a first – asking me the customer to solve the payment problem between two businesses. Given the company had been […]

The insurance saga, part n….

I can sense you falling asleep already…. but couldnt leave the story unfinished. Just going back to the proof of no claims discounts from Admiral (NCD). I’ve been away for a few days and come back to a pile of post – ah it must be those NCDs. Doh – 5 separate envelopes! But on […]

How tiny inconsistencies cause customer effort and business cost

So having bought  from Axa last week, how’s it going? Of course first thing you have to do is confirm to them the no claims discount (NCD)- see requests to Admiral in the last but one blog “We appreciate your call”. Recap: they say they can only do by post, not email. They email them. […]

Outsourcing the work to the customer – and it feels like it

So just to complete the renewal of insurance – who did get the business then? I had little time this week and a deadline. So late at night online only. I was determined to try and buy from Direct Line but couldn’t. I’d got the saved quotes – each car separately. The new scheme meant […]

We appreciate your call

The Admiral saga continues…..I just had a call from Caroline Chalmers, Swansea renewal office who had picked up on the experience and the blog I”m not sure we communicated 2 way but at least they’re trying. I’m not sure but it sounds like the feedback goes into … well, I should have asked specifics but she’s […]

Renewals again

Mid way into my car insurance renewals – just a quick update so far, I’ll do a bigger write up when time allows. 2 typical customer journey problems and 1 specific problem. 1) Insurer X advertised multi car policies on its front page ( and it has changed it since Monday). There was no online […]

Dear Insurance Industry

It’s January and, in my case, it’s that time for insurance renewals. I wonder if it’s got any better in the past few years? The next few days will tell. But the first steps say ….well yes and no. Multitrip travel insurance, sent me one self explanatory email, priced reasonably, I did nothing. Perfect. RH Insurance […]