We share your pain

I love this in houseMicrosoft video on getting engineers to share the pain – WSYP – oh that it were true, then the software would have been fixed. It’s such a laugh and MS branding people could get a long way by acknowledging the reputation of laptops…. let alone the engineers by addressing the reputation […]

Multichannel buying experience

Just been fishing for an iphone 5 as many will be I’m sure. Always fascinating to try and research and buy without help. Start point was with my existing supplier. To access my account I have to renew the password each time – weirdly it seems to not work more than once without reset. Anyway […]

Proactive communication in policing emergencies

I was most impressed to find out real time there was a bomb scare near our office in Tottenham Court Rd – and well before it hit the news. At 12.50pm the Fitzrovia Partnership emailed with a police notification explaining there was an alert and to stay in the building or head away from the […]