Multichannel – not so simples

Great example here of typical multichannel in a vacuum – flybe with their new onphone check in (ah but read the end bit… involves 3 too) Announcements on the plane to tell you can use it next time you book online Default option in online booking ( that’s a whole other story of just web […]

The survey is the experience

I was struck by two examples of customer experience surveys today. I don’t answer them anymore. Even professionally interested, it’s just an endless stream of requests – too much effort for anyone. One was from Southern Water and “4Delivery Ltd”. Apparently they’ve been upgrading a sewage works some half a mile away. They are thanking […]

How to give ordinary service on web chat

Interesting use of channels by Travelodge. Encouraging use of web chat in “contact us” – but not available all hours. Sort of replacing phone with chat. But since booking problem occurred at weekend, I couldnt use it. So emailed. By noon today nothing back and so tried chat. Felt like talking to a very ordinary […]

Transformation in large businesses

Interesting post by David Marcus, President at Paypal on LinkedIn – laying out what he’s trying to do to change Paypal – to turn the tanker is harder than ” a kart”: Set a destination. Communicate it simply. Repeat. Again, and again. Lead the way. Show how it’s done. Get your hands dirty. Build a […]

A long boring customer journey in business banking

Health warning* – this is a long and detailed customer journey. It only goes to prove the cost incurred in not doing things well, in not listening and in having no systematic way to listen such as wocas – What our customers are saying. Received a phone call from an overseas centre saying they’re my […]