Book 2 – how does Best Service Is No Service develop?

It’s an open secret that colleagues Bill Price (US) and David Jaffe (Aus) have been preparing “book 2”. Over the last 6 months Bill has presented some aspects of the work in progress under a working title of “Back to the Customer Future” based on extensive interviews and research in several countries. Last week at […]

We share your pain

I love this in houseMicrosoft video on getting engineers to share the pain – WSYP – oh that it were true, then the software would have been fixed. It’s such a laugh and MS branding people could get a long way by acknowledging the reputation of laptops…. let alone the engineers by addressing the reputation […]

Security and people

It’s always interesting to see that often one of the commonest needs from customers of many companies is “I want to change my¬†password”. It’s often costing millions to handle the problems associated. But even if you’ve automated the process completely, it’s still causing huge amounts of customer effort. Now that many people “work, rest and […]