Great conversations – are they part of your work?

Blimey, in the process of changing all my passwords I noticed a metric of “been busy last qtr”.  I hadn’t added anything to the blog in 2 months. The other metric was rolling through “photos in Facebook”. I see we’d had a busy life as well as a busy work life! So much so we […]

Gaming the multichannel check in (or “Beam me up Scottie!)

Just got a lovely rant from colleague David about his return flight auto cancellation because he altered one of the outward links. It made me realise I know too much about airlines as it’s a “well known” dumb thing that airlines assume you’re not coming back, when you missed an outward leg. My wife and […]

Stop Doing Dumb Things Unconference #SDDT3

Seems like yesterday I was at the Planning Forum’s annual conference, now a major event with 600 people, 3 streams and a frustration of great things you have to miss when you’re presenting! In fact it was the week before but many things are still fresh in the mind. If you were there – what’s […]

Customer effort – even after you’ve left

I got a letter in the post this morning from a windscreen company. It politely told me that Admiral had refused to pay them because they (Admiral) said my insurance  cover didn’t cover windscreens. So a first – asking me the customer to solve the payment problem between two businesses. Given the company had been […]

We haven’t cut you off……

Nice dumb things story from 3 today. I’m in New Orleans at our 20th LimeBridge gathering. Very pleasant I’ve got to say. Someone asked me this morning if it was business or pleasure. Sharing latest practices with 70 degrees and live music on the side? Gotta be both! I was walking to the lift when […]

Multichannel – not so simples

Great example here of typical multichannel in a vacuum – flybe with their new onphone check in (ah but read the end bit… involves 3 too) Announcements on the plane to tell you can use it next time you book online Default option in online booking ( that’s a whole other story of just web […]

Dear Insurance Industry

It’s January and, in my case, it’s that time for insurance renewals. I wonder if it’s got any better in the past few years? The next few days will tell. But the first steps say ….well yes and no. Multitrip travel insurance, sent me one self explanatory email, priced reasonably, I did nothing. Perfect. RH Insurance […]

Security and people

It’s always interesting to see that often one of the commonest needs from customers of many companies is “I want to change my password”. It’s often costing millions to handle the problems associated. But even if you’ve automated the process completely, it’s still causing huge amounts of customer effort. Now that many people “work, rest and […]

Being proactively minimalistic in management

I saw this article trending on Linked In called “Be happier; 10 things to stop doing right now” and it reminded me of several good things I’ve learned but forget to practice. It reminded me of the behaviours that colleague Jonathan Wilson practices so well. And as a result he’s self confident and easy to […]

A long boring customer journey in business banking

Health warning* – this is a long and detailed customer journey. It only goes to prove the cost incurred in not doing things well, in not listening and in having no systematic way to listen such as wocas – What our customers are saying. Received a phone call from an overseas centre saying they’re my […]