Multichannel – not so simples

Great example here of typical multichannel in a vacuum – flybe with their new onphone check in (ah but read the end bit… involves 3 too) Announcements on the plane to tell you can use it next time you book online Default option in online booking ( that’s a whole other story of just web […]

Security and people

It’s always interesting to see that often one of the commonest needs from customers of many companies is “I want to change my password”. It’s often costing millions to handle the problems associated. But even if you’ve automated the process completely, it’s still causing huge amounts of customer effort. Now that many people “work, rest and […]

Web chat and avatar suppliers & examples

I pulled this together a few weeks ago for someone and thought it may be useful to a wider readership, so posting it here. I don’t claim any analysis here but get in touch if you want to talk about implementing these tools Webchat Links to the various vendors here (some are sales oriented, some […]

Good decisionflow

This article from HBR “Good data won’t guarantee good decisions” is an interesting view on spreading the analytical and information skills to make the most of the analytics tools available to businesses. Back in 2005 we conducted side by side trials using various speech analytics tools. The learning was that the difference was nothing to […]

Is customer service really improving for the customer?

I’m starting a topic of conversation that I will be expanding upon over the next few months, which is ‘Has Customer Service got worse, not better over the last 10 years’. To prove or disprove this I’m going to put forward my own experiences as examples of what’s good and what’s particularly bad and would […]