Security and people

It’s always interesting to see that often one of the commonest needs from customers of many companies is “I want to change my¬†password”. It’s often costing millions to handle the problems associated. But even if you’ve automated the process completely, it’s still causing huge amounts of customer effort. Now that many people “work, rest and […]

Multichannel buying experience

Just been fishing for an iphone 5 as many will be I’m sure. Always fascinating to try and research and buy without help. Start point was with my existing supplier. To access my account I have to renew the password each time – weirdly it seems to not work more than once without reset. Anyway […]

Simon says…..(A short customer journey)

This experience passed to me by a colleague, Simon. Since I live in Kent and my wife in N Ireland, we use Flybe a lot. I change my tickets a lot as my diary changes and my physical & emotional “customer effort tank” is emptied pretty quickly each time. So we have many similar stories […]

A long boring customer journey in business banking

Health warning* – this is a long and detailed customer journey. It only goes to prove the cost incurred in not doing things well, in not listening and in having no systematic way to listen such as wocas – What our customers are saying. Received a phone call from an overseas centre saying they’re my […]

Social support in need of support

Had an interesting experience with my telco provider yesterday. Over the summer I’ve had a couple of calls purporting to make me offers as a “valued customer”. Inside my head, the light bulb says that must mean I’m out of contract and so that’s the first thing I asked. The first guy hung up. The […]