How funky is my life?

Here’s an interesting one from an inspirational client: “How funky is my life?” Just googled but I can’t find the poet. Maybe he wrote it himself. Try answering a few of these questions ….. Are you normal, boring, grey? Are you middle of the road? How do you move around the world? Quick, swiftly, impressive, […]

Amazon, then and now: what’s the not-so-secret secret?

I make no apologies for printing this Amazon shareholder communication in full. It’s rich in its simplicity on short v long term decision making and its investment in customers ahead of any need to do so. And fascinating to see the consistency with the 1997 communication shown below it. To our shareowners: As regular readers […]

“Turning the tanker” in education

Everyday you learn something new, you see stuff you’ve not seen before. But it’s not often you see a whole new thing, something completely beyond thinking about. It’s not often you find a place of excellence which wasn’t founded that way. A place where the proverbial oil tanker has been turned. But today was one […]

Communication is there to get execution. Talk with people, not at them.

I listened to this twice through – some very simple ideas that really tie good personal communication to execution. From Allan Leighton when he was at the Post Office. Summary “People and customers as the 2 big things in business. Why people win: getting the right people in, being very customer focused and executing well. […]

Transformation in large businesses

Interesting post by David Marcus, President at Paypal on LinkedIn – laying out what he’s trying to do to change Paypal – to turn the tanker is harder than ” a kart”: Set a destination. Communicate it simply. Repeat. Again, and again. Lead the way. Show how it’s done. Get your hands dirty. Build a […]