Is marketing dead? Yes – at least as we knew it

Having a great time at a conference for my French colleagues in Paris today – & thanks for the upgrade and great service at Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. I was asked to give an international perspective on the “new customer” – in fact it’s interesting how transnational the customer is in their behaviours. As indeed are […]

Minimalism in Pro Bono

I’ve had some good conversations over the past week. And they’ve helped me shape some beliefs and thoughts. Both in the context of Budd’s business and the Customer Experience Pro Bono that’s shaping up with well with over 50 people contributing. The energy in the room at a Pro Bono gathering in Smithfield last week […]

The power of crowdsourcing on a massive scale

With the Kony 2012 video going viral – 77 million views on YouTube when I last looked (albeit  only about 10%  of Justin Bieber’s Baby video) – it struck me that this is activism on a massive scale.  Infact, it’s a form of crowdsourcing a solution to a longstanding problem that for most of us, […]