10 things about thinking we can learn from physics

I was fishing through the darkest depths of my laptop just now when I came across this article from 2007. I forgot nearly everything I learned from a physics degree, if you exclude the small matter of how to think. And now I discover I forgot it all again! So here’s a replay on 10 […]

Thinking about thinking

I’ve been reading a fascinating book by Nobel prize winner Daniel Kahneman. It’s one of those that would generate a blog full of thoughts every page. At one level it’s stuff I’ve heard before, but in another level of depth, with better scientific evidence, with better examples and added meaning. Fundamentally it explores how our […]

“Turning the tanker” in education

Everyday you learn something new, you see stuff you’ve not seen before. But it’s not often you see a whole new thing, something completely beyond thinking about. It’s not often you find a place of excellence which wasn’t founded that way. A place where the proverbial oil tanker has been turned. But today was one […]

Transformation in large businesses

Interesting post by David Marcus, President at Paypal on LinkedIn – laying out what he’s trying to do to change Paypal – to turn the tanker is harder than ” a kart”: Set a destination. Communicate it simply. Repeat. Again, and again. Lead the way. Show how it’s done. Get your hands dirty. Build a […]

Being proactively minimalistic in management

I saw this article trending on Linked In called “Be happier; 10 things to stop doing right now” and it reminded me of several good things I’ve learned but forget to practice. It reminded me of the behaviours that colleague Jonathan Wilson practices so well. And as a result he’s self confident and easy to […]

“40 years of better. Now in a bank”?

As Virgin Money finally managed to enter the UK High Street banking market we wonder if this will bring an improvement for customers? There newest TV advert proclaims “40 years of better. Now in a bank” and I want to know if this is correct? Have virgin really revolutionised the industries they are currently in […]