Communication is there to get execution. Talk with people, not at them.

I listened to this twice through – some very simple ideas that really tie good personal communication to execution. From Allan Leighton when he was at the Post Office. Summary “People and customers as the 2 big things in business. Why people win: getting the right people in, being very customer focused and executing well. […]

A long boring customer journey in business banking

Health warning* – this is a long and detailed customer journey. It only goes to prove the cost incurred in not doing things well, in not listening and in having no systematic way to listen such as wocas – What our customers are saying. Received a phone call from an overseas centre saying they’re my […]

Are you into brilliant basics or silver bullets?

I’m often struck by how many businesses look for silver bullets. Other people’s silver bullets at that. We want to visit this or that, we want to copy this or that, where can I get an idea for x or y. One thing I’ve learned from nearly 15+  years of judging awards is that silver […]

It’s still down to people…

Waiting for the number 73 bus this morning at Victoria station I observed a fairly typical ‘getting to work’ experience, similar to what must happen every day somewhere in London. What it did though was make me think of how each of us in our day to day interactions can impact each other, irrespective of […]

Is customer service really improving for the customer?

I’m starting a topic of conversation that I will be expanding upon over the next few months, which is ‘Has Customer Service got worse, not better over the last 10 years’. To prove or disprove this I’m going to put forward my own experiences as examples of what’s good and what’s particularly bad and would […]