Book 2 – how does Best Service Is No Service develop?

It’s an open secret that colleagues Bill Price (US) and David Jaffe (Aus) have been preparing “book 2”. Over the last 6 months Bill has presented some aspects of the work in progress under a working title of “Back to the Customer Future” based on extensive interviews and research in several countries. Last week at […]

The insurance saga, part n….

I can sense you falling asleep already…. but couldnt leave the story unfinished. Just going back to the proof of no claims discounts from Admiral (NCD). I’ve been away for a few days and come back to a pile of post – ah it must be those NCDs. Doh – 5 separate envelopes! But on […]

How tiny inconsistencies cause customer effort and business cost

So having bought  from Axa last week, how’s it going? Of course first thing you have to do is confirm to them the no claims discount (NCD)- see requests to Admiral in the last but one blog “We appreciate your call”. Recap: they say they can only do by post, not email. They email them. […]

Renewals again

Mid way into my car insurance renewals – just a quick update so far, I’ll do a bigger write up when time allows. 2 typical customer journey problems and 1 specific problem. 1) Insurer X advertised multi car policies on its front page ( and it has changed it since Monday). There was no online […]

Dear Insurance Industry

It’s January and, in my case, it’s that time for insurance renewals. I wonder if it’s got any better in the past few years? The next few days will tell. But the first steps say ….well yes and no. Multitrip travel insurance, sent me one self explanatory email, priced reasonably, I did nothing. Perfect. RH Insurance […]

Sales bonus schemes are old hat – you need a leaky bucket

I came across a good article talking about eMetrics  via Smart Insights always a good source on real e-stuff rather than hype. Apparently there’s a whole event for it. Talking of hype, it has a Gartner graph on hype over ‘big data’ technologies – quite an interesting list. The article is written by someone I […]

A long boring customer journey in business banking

Health warning* – this is a long and detailed customer journey. It only goes to prove the cost incurred in not doing things well, in not listening and in having no systematic way to listen such as wocas – What our customers are saying. Received a phone call from an overseas centre saying they’re my […]

Social support in need of support

Had an interesting experience with my telco provider yesterday. Over the summer I’ve had a couple of calls purporting to make me offers as a “valued customer”. Inside my head, the light bulb says that must mean I’m out of contract and so that’s the first thing I asked. The first guy hung up. The […]

Are you into brilliant basics or silver bullets?

I’m often struck by how many businesses look for silver bullets. Other people’s silver bullets at that. We want to visit this or that, we want to copy this or that, where can I get an idea for x or y. One thing I’ve learned from nearly 15+  years of judging awards is that silver […]