We share your pain

I love this in houseMicrosoft video on getting engineers to share the pain – WSYP – oh that it were true, then the software would have been fixed. It’s such a laugh and MS branding people could get a long way by acknowledging the reputation of laptops…. let alone the engineers by addressing the reputation […]

NPS measurement isn’t the same as advocacy

I was spurred to look up what I’d written on Netpromoter or NPS by two things this week. First seeing a tweet about Nina at Porsche talking at Jump on Porsche’s journey with NPS. Nina has been in the Chief Customer Officer Forum since its early days (crumbs CCOF it’s about to go into its […]

Multichannel buying experience

Just been fishing for an iphone 5 as many will be I’m sure. Always fascinating to try and research and buy without help. Start point was with my existing supplier. To access my account I have to renew the password each time – weirdly it seems to not work more than once without reset. Anyway […]