Gaming the multichannel check in (or “Beam me up Scottie!)

Just got a lovely rant from colleague David about his return flight auto cancellation because he altered one of the outward links. It made me realise I know too much about airlines as it’s a “well known” dumb thing that airlines assume you’re not coming back, when you missed an outward leg. My wife and […]

Multichannel – not so simples

Great example here of typical multichannel in a vacuum – flybe with their new onphone check in (ah but read the end bit… involves 3 too) Announcements on the plane to tell you can use it next time you book online Default option in online booking ( that’s a whole other story of just web […]

Simon says…..(A short customer journey)

This experience passed to me by a colleague, Simon. Since I live in Kent and my wife in N Ireland, we use Flybe a lot. I change my tickets a lot as my diary changes and my physical & emotional “customer effort tank” is emptied pretty quickly each time. So we have many similar stories […]