Selling England By The Pound

Selling England By The Pound – great music to work to.  I’ve been noticing a tipping point in my tv and music habits, whilst working and playing. The equipment, the ownership, storage, use, location, costs have changed and won’t go back. Take this album with some brilliant tracks – if you do nothing else check […]

Sales bonus schemes are old hat – you need a leaky bucket

I came across a good article talking about eMetrics  via Smart Insights always a good source on real e-stuff rather than hype. Apparently there’s a whole event for it. Talking of hype, it has a Gartner graph on hype over ‘big data’ technologies – quite an interesting list. The article is written by someone I […]

Is marketing dead? Yes – at least as we knew it

Having a great time at a conference for my French colleagues in Paris today – & thanks for the upgrade and great service at Intercontinental Paris Le Grand. I was asked to give an international perspective on the “new customer” – in fact it’s interesting how transnational the customer is in their behaviours. As indeed are […]