Seems like yesterday I was at the Planning Forum’s annual conference, now a major event with 600 people, 3 streams and a frustration of great things you have to miss when you’re presenting! In fact it was the week before but many things are still fresh in the mind.

If you were there – what’s stuck with you? (Please add your thoughts below)

I had the pleasure of developing two trains of thought with the audience: the first with Bill Price for the new book which I’ll cover in another blog. And the second for our third running of the Stop Doing Dumb Things Unconference with Jonathan Wilson. Alas Doug Shaw couldn’t make this one. We didn’t open this one wide open but kept it to a subset of the PPF audience.

IMG_5149-300x225We started with a wide open “what do you want to talk about” and developed a “world cafe” from there. Covering off a wide range of topics and groups, our objective was to let people experience a different kind of work conversation. One where they said what the thought, listened openly and were not time limited. Broadly the topic was engagement, something which ran as a theme throughout the conference as a whole.

The group conversations developed and people drew and shared their own conclusions rounding off with some paired conversations on “so what?”

As ever the visual minutes surprised and took everyone’s attention at the end, before being up to the main lobby for a wider audience to see. Word of mouth and a striking wall spread the word and the curiosity of “what’s an unconference?” deepened.

People who took part were unanimous that it was an outstanding experience. Just shows how powerful creating great conversations can be! Get in touch if you want to know more.

And here are the visual minutes in their new home down at DAS – Anita volunteered to continue the conversation back at the ranch!

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