A short article published in 2005 describing Amazon’s Skyline process for eliminating unnecessary contact. Skyline is part of a unique process and powerful tool now available from Budd.

Organisations using Skyline know that demand management and good customer experiences do not conflict with each other. Reducing costs by 20% per year, increasing revenues and still delivering great experiences for staff and customers are the norm!

It’s well known that customer contact functions within companies don’t cause 90% of the contact they have to handle. So, in real life, Call Centres and other contact points cannot solve the problem of rising customer contacts – on their own. Whether those contacts are service problems or due to growing customer demand to access support for new products or online services that have not been properly tested or designed before bringing to market.

You’ve had six sigma projects galore and analysed contacts to death. But have you stopped the calls and emails from coming? Nope.

Read this article about the Skyline process and understand how you can challenge the demand cycle that the whole business creates. You can also read more on Skyline on the website here.


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