selling england by the poundSelling England By The Pound – great music to work to.  I’ve been noticing a tipping point in my tv and music habits, whilst working and playing.

The equipment, the ownership, storage, use, location, costs have changed and won’t go back.

Take this album with some brilliant tracks – if you do nothing else check out “More Fool Me”, the 4th track. It was why they let the drummer start singing when Peter Gabriel left.

I have it on vinyl so occasionally I used to subject my wife to the track after much wine had been taken. She reminds me she wasn’t born when…etc…ouch. I don’t have it on CD and I don’t have it my iPod or iPhone. But now I have youtube on Apple TV, it gets played again. As do a lot of randomly good things I never knew originally. Google’s analytics are darn good at suggesting things I didn’t know, but find I like. When people are round we no longer play CDs. We might have  a plugged in iPad or a blue toothed in iPhone. Maybe Spotify but now we’re skipping to youtube “on tele”.

The BridgeOr take the Swedish thriller series The Bridge. You gotta love Saga Noren, the lead detective, a great example of what Danish charity SpecialSterne (or Special Stars) talk about. They are a Danish social innovator company using the characteristics of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) as competitive advantages in the business market. Great at testing software apparently. And as Saga shows, her special skills have pluses and minuses. Anyway the point is we missed it first time round. So we’ve caught up on a combination of 1) iPlayer on iPad, 2) iPlayer on smart TV, 3) Netflix on smart TV, 4) Netflix on Apple TV, 5) Netflix on iPad 6) Recorded later on Skybox or Freebox. We haven’t watched it when it’s “on tele”.

Even the cars are challenged. Despite having 11 Bose speakers, one doesn’t bluetooth or connect to an iPhone or iPad. It plays the same 6 CDs forever, as you have to go under the bonnet to change them. Another has a connect lead but then I only have old stuff on the iPod, a restricted range that gets played too regularly. But it’s good when my daughters plug in!

Now it appears I have got into the habit of having anything anytime but not quite anywhere. Using youtube and Netflix, iplayer & iPad. Even the iPod doesn’t get used that much. The in-car will have to catch up soon. It’s interesting to see what the tipping point was – the content. Searching for something that wasn’t on anymore or I didn’t have. That GooGoo thingie’s got a lot to answer for.

Which brings me to another point and the back to the title – Selling England By The Pound. I don’t see any TV advertising anymore.

ITV online tries to play an advert before the start so I’ve always stopped right there and not used it. OK You Tube plays adverts at the start but wisely, for them, you can switch it off at 5 seconds which is just survivable. Some you can’t and I just stop there and then. I’ve never needed content enough to watch an ad.

So what about online advertising. I don’t know about you, but my brain learned to filter that out long ago. It’s like I’m wearing a pair of my Aunty GooGoo glasses with an eye patch over one lens. I cant see, let alone remember what’s there. So unless it’s working subliminally, it’s not there. And planting it in the mainstream just annoys – I notice Facebook has stopped doing it to me after I tagged everything as spam.

So what’s a self respecting business supposed to do? Spend even more for less, send spam or give up? Go all social and play Facebook games? Pay even more for paid search? It’s really hard stuff. There isn’t a simple answer. But there is a difference.

LunettesIf you are a marketeer, are you one who uses data to see what works? Or one who chases awards. Are you sharp like Asos or blunt like John Lewis. Pre Xmas I reached a tipping point: if I hear that song one more time, I’ll scream kinda thing!!. If you are selling something by the pound with TV you get very little data. If you do it with Google you get lots. You can AB test and learn, you get an extra eye. Is it any wonder the TV content is going down in quality as the advertising $ dries up. Meanwhile Google is avoiding more tax than ever, whilst being at the heart of government strategy for growing the economy through small business. I wonder how long before their analytics will predict the outcome of an election based on our online behaviour so we don’t have to vote. What’s more the politicians will be able to use analytics to  test and learn their messages and get them to work. Don’t laugh, it’s not hard to do. Will we be anymore surprised when we find out it already happened, than when we discovered the US listens to our calls?

Blimey Jethro Tull’s Aqualung was suggested next, haven’t heard that in a long while. Check out track 5 “Wond’ring Aloud”. Sounds like something that would chart today. Ah well back to work, provided there’s enough internet left. I can’t wait til t’internet boiler is replaced and it’s electric instead of steam driven. Meanwhile Katy Perry – how does an algorithm link those two artists and get it right? Ah well here’s Selling England By The Pound so you can check out track 4 – it’s at 21:45 on the timer.