Mid way into my car insurance renewals – just a quick update so far, I’ll do a bigger write up when time allows.

2 typical customer journey problems and 1 specific problem.

1) Insurer X advertised multi car policies on its front page ( and it has changed it since Monday). There was no online capability to quote. I got some separate quotes just to see. Not bad, just a lot of data input. I rang the number next morning. It was a specific number but went through to the standard IVR options, not to multicar quote. When I got through, I was put on hold for 2 minutes for no apparent reason. I was then told “We don’t really do multi car – you have to sign up to the first policy, then we can work out the discount on the second policy. About 10%. More or less” Not really a quote at all then. I didnt believe it so I tried someone else later in the day. Same. I then tried a third – bingo. The new web page and scheme had gone live that day and the training had reached this person. It was 10% exactly and there’s a button to press on the online quote to get it. But I’d have to enter all the car and driver data online for all quotes again to get it.

2) I tried insurer Y online. No attempt at “multi car” just a discount for having another policy. I did the quotes, obviously the same system as insurer X, with almost identical questions and fields. I phoned next day to see how to get them linked to get the discount. Apparently it had done it anyway, but just didn’t tell me online. But because I’d got the agent to look at them, I wouldn’t be able to access my quotes online again.

3) Insurer C, let’s call them Admiral – I’d told them I’d be cancelling on my renewal date, but having read various blogs I’ve seen scandalous practices with credit cards. Bear in mind one of the major reasons for leaving is abuse of my credit card details, repeatedly saying they were deleted when later they clearly weren’t. I called specifically to make sure the account had been cancelled. The first agent said it wasn’t cancelled and I’d have to be transferred. Cold transfer and repeat security again. Agent’s language was elusive and would not confirm he had actually just cancelled it. Eventually he agreed to cancel it on the due date. Today I got renewal documents in the post saying they were taking a credit card payment for the renewal.  I called and spoke to a Frank Lobo who said it hadn’t been cancelled on the due date and I’d have to do it again. I asked him to confirm the call was being recorded so at 17.38 I explained they were not authorised to use my credit card and any money taken would be a criminal action which would be taken up without further reference. End of story? I doubt it

Watch this space….

Postscript the day after: I tried Admiral again and this time Christian Jones told me that the cancellation was planned and that the letter and Frank Lobo were wrong.

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