raspberriesI met up with an old friend in a bandage tonight who told me an interesting story. Not the one about how the chainsaw missed the artery. But about picking raspberries. In his dressing gown. And having a profound revelation. And no madam – it didn’t involve prickly things.

He’d gone down early in the morning to pick the raspberries before the birds did. Having gone up and down the canes with his panier, he thought he’d got them all. But then, for no particularly reason, he sat down.

From his perch on a bucket, he saw another 30% of the fruit he’d not seen before. He had a big ah ha moment…… what he called “perspective”.

Changing perspective, changes what you know, what you perceive as success, what you perceive needs doing.

What was so exciting is that he realised the difference between reading all the books, knowing the theories of change versus actually making a change. Having changed his angle of view, he could see a different situation.

And now he cannot stop changing his angle of view to see what else he learns, to see what was previously hidden. He is soooo excited.

He gave an example. Every few months he has to present the leadership piece at new staff inductions. It’s boring for him. And probably for everyone else. So this week he walked in and asked “Does everyone have the agenda?” “Yes” “Good – ‘cos we’re throwing that out.”

“I want to know what you hate most about this place”.

A few polite coughs and comments later it required repeating. ‘Stop being polite, I really do want to know what you hate most already”.

And the fire started. And with gentle prodding from a few questions, he couldn’t shut them up. He was able to leave them to it and come back later to find out what they’d discussed, the problems and the solutions proposed.

By looking under that particular raspberry bush, he’d created a different space. He’d created a space for good conversations.

Last week he would have said, it was wacky, it was outside the box, it was all sorts of things he wouldn’t do. This week he did it. It wasn’t brave. It was just a raspberry bush moment.

perspective marcus aureliusThinking as others do, seeing the problem from others points of view – are you good at it? Do you practise it? Do you have a way of doing it systematically and collectively?

Think and act Me2B not B2C. Easy to say, hard to do. Until you have your raspberry bush moment.