So just to complete the renewal of insurance – who did get the business then?

I had little time this week and a deadline. So late at night online only. I was determined to try and buy from Direct Line but couldn’t.

I’d got the saved quotes – each car separately. The new scheme meant I had to enter the cars again to get the 10% discount. I did that and then got…..system error!!!! I literally screamed.

So do I go through entering all the data for a third time or look at the other saved quotes?

I looked at second choice LV  and their saved quotes. But they’re not there anymore. Of course when I rang to see if the multi policy discount applied they said that by looking at the quotes in the call centre they’d no longer be available online. Give up.

I try the Direct Line site again and enter all the details, then I check the compare the market saved quotes. The prices on one car are brill from Axa, but rubbish on the other. I want one supplier. The kid’s car best price is a brand Ive never heard of – girls aloud or something…… I go to the Axa site direct and find that the first car is now higher and the second car much much lower. But I decide this is best option. I go back to see if it’s better or worse than Direct Line and I get ….session timed out!! No scream, just a sigh. Will I have to start over again – not.

I give up and buy Axa. To my pleasant surprise it’s an online account and I can actually do everything on a site that resembles cloud computing and the world I’m used to. But being cautious I print off my policy statements and file them. No post – thanks.

So if you want the customer to self serve at buying your stuff, at least make it work. Corp IT should consider that the ratio of engineers to customers for a 100% uptime at facebook is 1:1,000,000.

Here’s another example of creating effort. EDF. I get an email saying “You have an important message regarding your EDF Energy account.”

So I go into the account and it’s a mailer with my energy use in it

It doesn’t do the maths for you. It doesn’t say why they think I’m suddenly going to start turning the lights on overnight. It doesn’t say we’ve got a better tariff for you which is……  “Important” to me?

So anyway, having got into the account I go down the cellar with my laptop and enter the meter readings and press go. By the time I sit down again ( yep the internet here is that slow…) the page comes back with:

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