I can’t believe it’s been a gap of months since blogging. A few major events have taken place – not least we got married, went on honeymoon and then the Olympics took over so I have to confess to taking a more “easy on work” summer than ever before.

Lots of people have blogged on the success of the Olympics, particularly the volunteers. The contrast between the highly paid footballers and the highly motivated athletes with a clear purpose have been examined by the pundits. No doubt we will see a lot more of how the volunteers were motivated in the coming conference season – though I suspect its a simple recipe: take a look at Daniel Pink’s famous animation on motivation – it’s all autonomy, purpose, mastery. Revel in its simplicity. Scratch your head hard and ask yourself why you cant apply it. Now.

I just wanted to pose one question to the sponsors who put in Olympian amounts of money – how do you think your sponsorship made people feel about you? Did you tune in and tap in to the Olympic spirit and if not what could you do differently even at this late stage for the Paralympics?

Here’s a couple of classic examples at either end of the spectrum. Coca Cola had a Brazilian-style street band making a fabulous din as it danced through the Olympic site. Visa had slogans in the restaurants saying “proud to accept only Visa” which was kind of missing the Olympic Spirit really.

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