The book 2 saga has moved on at pace in the last few months. David and Bill have been burning the midnight/early morning oil and a  draft has gone to the publishers for final edit. The target publishing date is October/November.

It’s hoped to go into French and Spanish from the outset as a client has bought 1500 copies in advance. Interestingly Bill is today in Seoul speaking about book 1 “The Best Service Is No Service” on its Korean translation debut. I hope they didnt use Google Translate – my last two goes at translating the title into Polish and Turkish didn’t quite work apparently !

The title is always contentious but here’s the heads up on what’s proposed:

“What Me2B Customers Need”

 How to satisfy customers now they are in control.

What do you think? What does me2B mean to you?

If you think of B2C and B2B, me2B is intended to show the consumer perspective isn’t as a “consumer” of the services and products of the business. The book looks at how a business services “my” needs and emotional drivers. What drives an individual when dealing with the businesses which supply them?  The emotional drivers of that relationship are explored – you can see more detail of the drafts in this previous blog. Crumbs was it a year ago. …?

We’ve done some workshops with these drivers and how you can play a tune on their combinations, how you can use them to innovate – get in touch if you want to talk about them in advance of the book

The me2B idea goes back some way: the not quite so nicely titled “buyer centric commerce” think tank, formed c2000, went into this topic. It foresaw a future where consumers had internet based tools that made them more powerful than the businesses which supply them. Where CRM was replaced with people owning their own data and allowing its specific use. I’ve been using some of Alan Mitchell’s eloquent slides as “history” to show how this thinking is still not adopted by many marketeers, even if the idea isn’t new any longer. David and Bill will bring a new perspective and a great array of case studies has been assembled to support this.

Big respect to David and Bill for doing this again – twice in a lifetime is quite an ask! And only once did they physically get together – here they are in David’s garden in Melbourne back in the autumn. Clearly a production line in the making!