A contact centre’s ability to gather data far exceeds its ability to analyse the data, which far exceeds its ability to use the data to create performance improvement.

There is an enormous amount of data that can be found, observed or created in customer facing environments, especially in call/contact centres. Some call centres employ literally armies of people to gather, order, represent and analyse this data. Many centres gather and report. Very few centres

focus on a few key performance indicators, and use that information in systematic way to create sustainable, lasting improvements for their customers and for themselves.

This paper is an attempt to cut through the confusion of “too many metrics, too much reporting, not enough action” to outline some core, yet flexible measures which are key to tracking performance in a contact centre.

Note: These core metrics relate to telephone based contact centres. However, they are appropriate (suitably modified) to other customer operations, including mail/e-mail response and back office operations which may include data provisioning, fulfilment, statement provisioning or other processing.


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