We looked at Cisco as a case study because it illustrates how “Fast+Simple” experiences can be created and sustained by recognizing the role of the web and how it should change the role and value to the company of the contact centre agent. From someone who answers queries – to someone who resolves the ‘not yet published’ and publishes it. From someone who puts up with customers moaning – to someone who collects valuable data by which to remove the customers headaches.

In work with complex clients such as the BBC and Microsoft, and especially in local government where the breadth of information is so broad, we have seen this trend evolving. Cisco is a case in point where contact demand, voice of customer and knowledge publishing has redefined the business model. Where the role of the agent has been redefined to collect what the customer is saying and to publish the answers to queries so that other customers can help themselves.

Budd recently met with LaVeta Gibbs, Director of Cisco’s worldwide Customer Interaction Network – who has strategic responsibility for Cisco’s global contact centres – to learn how Cisco are innovating and ‘closing the feedback loop’ between customers and the business.

In this case study, we discuss how Cisco is applying the ‘Fast+Simple’ principle with the company’s recent development of its global virtual contact centre. The company is also introducing new ways of gathering and acting systematically on customer feedback.

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