In this article, Ian Mapp, a consultant at Budd, discusses how companies are failing to build valuable relationships with the silent majority of their loyal customers because they focus too narrowly on customer complaint management and not on understanding and eliminating the causes that lie behind the complaints; thereby improving satisfaction and reducing costs.

All organisations receive complaints and most make some attempt to deal with them professionally and in a timely way. However, many do not understand what it is costing them in lost revenue not to take them more seriously. And only a few truly understand the value of the data collected through the process and the transformational power it can have. We will explore both aspects in this article, starting with the complaint transaction itself.

Love them or hate them, it is hard for most organisations to ignore complaining customers – although some try their hardest to do just that! But what about those customers who do not bother to complain or give you feedback? What do they think of your products and services? Are they advocates or detractors? And, do you even care? Indeed, should you care?


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