The slow way to learn !

Three years ago a small company (2 people) was formed in the offices below our own. We went downstairs to offer cups of tea and encouragement. We learned that they were working in the area of learning organisations. They mentioned Peter Senge’s “The Fifth Discipline” but I did not read it.

Just 6 weeks ago I heard about the book again – twice in one day in fact!

Martin had been explaining to Nidal about our core processes in our European business and Nidal commented that it sounded just like “The Fifth Discipline”. That same night I read Chapter 1 as pre-reading for a course at London Business School on systems thinking. As I read more on that course and subsequently, I found some eloquent explanation of many of the things in which I believe and on which the company had been built – not perfectly but essentially. I thought we had created something unique – in fact we had reinvented a wheel that was written up in 1990!!

As I learn more about companies around the world, both in the call centre area and generally, I have found many people looking for longer term answers to the growth of their business, many of which are there to see in the book.

This article was written by Peter Massey a decade ago as an introduction to The Fifth Discpline by Peter Senge. According to Peter “Once you understand systems thinking you will never look at things the same way again !”.


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