…perhaps they may have responded to this tweet in a different way.

You can imagine the scenario.   You’ve gone away on holiday or on business and you’ve either forgotten or didn’t know that you get charged for downloading data when you are abroad.  Even more likely nowadays with the ubiquitous nature of “all you can eat data” as part of the standard contract.  When you get your next bill…well, you know the rest.

Maybe our brewing friends with the great strapline will have seen this as an opportunity to show what thoroughly decent people they are by refunding the roaming charges. At the same time using Twitter to reach people like me who aren’t T-Mobile customers now, but might be next time we’re looking for a new contract.  OK, so maybe it costs £100 or £200 (but probably much less) and you can’t do that every time. But how much new business might that bring for a simple and cheap piece of marketing?  How much goodwill through Twitter “word of mouth” might that bring?

An opportunity missed.

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