Recently, whilst working within a financial institution an interesting scenario came to light. There was no formal knowledge management system for front line staff. Some agents had manuals that were up to twelve years old, some had produced their own note books and most just asked each other questions. The result was information chaos for the customer and continuous costly disruption in the contact centre.

One of the agents had heroically used his initiative and cleverly started his own wiki. Great! No, management blindly failed to recognise the value and his attempts were restricted to a hasty hour over lunch, still resulting in stale information and frustrated agents. Good news came later when common sense eventually won through and that same talented agent was given time away from the front line to set up their contact centre wiki. Agents, team mangers and sales managers were consulted and changes incorporated. After only 4 weeks set up time, the wiki was successfully launched and used on an hourly basis by front line staff.

Sue Cooke, consultant at Budd, discusses the key role a call centre agent played in designing a financial services contact centre wiki and highlights the key factors in making it a success.


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