So having bought  from Axa last week, how’s it going?

Of course first thing you have to do is confirm to them the no claims discount (NCD)- see requests to Admiral in the last but one blog “We appreciate your call”. Recap: they say they can only do by post, not email. They email them. But only 3 out of 4 of the NCDs. I call. In the post. Waiting.

My first interaction with Axa is to do what they say on the self serve portal and email them the NCD that I did receive by email.

It was rejected, an email coming back:…..”Thank you for your e-mail. We require your proof of No Claims Discount on a letter headed document……”

To which I emailed: “Why do you say on your portal to email the proof of NCD then and provide the email address !! ?”

I then phoned Admiral to get it posted (see previous posts).

And they today sent a chaser email today for my NCD. It offers I can send it by email:

“What you need to send us
> Your proof of No Claims Discount must:
> show your name as policyholder
> show the number of years No Claims Discount you are entitled to
> show the expiry date of your previous policy
> be issued by your previous insurer in England, Scotland or Wales
> be earned on a private car, company car, fleet vehicle, motorbike or mobility vehicle
> be less than 24 months old if earned on a private car
> be earned on a full UK or EU licence
> not be currently used to insure another vehicle
> You must be over 22 if you have earned No Claims Discount on a motorbike. If you have earned your No Claims Discount driving a company car, your proof must be on your company letterhead, signed by a director of the company or the fleet manager, and be less than 6 months old.
> The most simple way to prove your No Claims Discount is to send us your renewal invitation from your previous insurer – providing it meets all the above criteria.
> Alternatively, you can ask your previous insurer to send you proof of the No Claims Discount you have earned. This is a service they are obliged to provide for you.”

So I emailed that they’d rejected it by email and they replied: “……You can send your proof in by scanning the document and e-mailing it,…..” No mention of logos and pdfs.

The point: the contact rate per policy has already risen to 6 contacts for them, 7 for me. This on a self serve policy.

It’s just to do with an eye for the detail – all this could have been avoided if the website actually says what is needed.

Hmmmm – who owns making the linkage between analysing the contacts around NCD and what it says on the site? Are they categorising incoming emails, does that categorisation allow them to see what’s happening, can they detect the snowball forming and can they identify and fix the root cause: a simple statement in the screen shots above and clarity of what emailing means to a customer vs what it means to them.

You cant run contact separately from online anymore.

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