Here’s an interesting one from an inspirational client: “How funky is my life?” Just googled but I can’t find the poet. Maybe he wrote it himself. Try answering a few of these questions …..
Are you normal, boring, grey? Are you middle of the road?
How do you move around the world?
Quick, swiftly, impressive, joyful, shocking, arrogant, angry, frustrated, beautiful, passionate?
How do your best friends see you?
Is surprise part of your life?
Do you wear colourful clothing?
What do you talk about? Is that exciting, inspiring?
Are you predictable?
Would you like to win a Nobel prize? Which one?
Do you dance in the streets when you feel happy?
What’s the biggest surprise that you have given to someone you care about?
Do you enjoy strange strangers?
Could you be Mr Bean?
Do you have a tattoo?
How many children by how many wives do you have?
Or maybe you hang around dark rooms every now and then?
Did you ever perform as a stand up comedian?
Or go out in women’s clothing?
What’s the craziest, most adventurous, extreme sport you’ve ever done?
Did you do an act in the Cirque du Soleil?
Are you a base jumper?
Do you test your own limits, go beyond your shame, your fear, your self image?
Think about all this and more and then wonder…..
How funky is my life?

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