As a call centre team leader, you will spend some time leading, some managing and some doing. Leading is different from managing. Leading is very much an emotional talent, while managing is much more a rational one:

You are leading when you enable and inspire people

You are managing when you control and organise events and activities.

To be a very good leader you must do very little – except those things that you need to do in order to demonstrate or to stay in touch. In other words, delegate everything you can and get out of the way! Do not interfere. Interference is any uninvited help. You should use the time that you save to listen to people and to make connections with them, for them and between them. ‘Doing’ feels easier and quicker than ‘managing’ and managing is easier than leading, but leading gives the greatest value to your team and organisation. Your ability to lead determines the total value that you will create in your life for you and for others.

Jonathan provides you with some highly practical advice that you can apply immediately.

This five-page paper also includes a discussion on Statistical Understanding – something which Jonathan maintains is is “critical to call centre planning and performance measurement and to the recognition that these things are different”. He believes that anyone without a sound understanding of these concepts should not manage call centres.


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