Looks like EDF gets to keep my business #honestyworks What? Why? What’s he on about?

My Facebook and news feeds are a frenzy of stories about lying in public office, both sides of the pond. So much so that the Newsthump mickey taking story about £350m for the NHS feels flat compared to actual stories admitting the lie.

Nevertheless there are many courageous people and businesses standing up to be counted.

I can’t stop the lying but I can reinforce the courage to stand up. By stopping buying from companies who are complicit either in lies or by their silence.

I can’t judge anyone on anything but I can research who stands up – against rascism, for human rights & respect for others, respect for legality and for truth. And I will chose to move my business to those companies who are brave. And away from those who are timid.

If you agree share your own thoughts and start nominating the Bercow, Bud and Nordstrom behaviours in the face of their own career or commercial risk.


So I’m checking out one supplier a day starting with my electricity bill. Ok it’s not deep research – so please chip in with better research or better companies.

I wonder what I can do with my tax bills LOL

https://www.edfenergy.com/diversity. Clearly in the UK they are trying. I cant find any comment publicly.

And the parent company  https://www.edf.fr/…/respon…/responsabilite-d-entreprise.

Not to be confused with the other EDF, the Energy Defence Fund https://www.edf.org/…/trumps-first-two-weeks….

There is that issue of the rip off price of electricity from the deal alongside the Chinese to build Hinkley Point C. But is it their fault that we didnt make our minds up for ten years and then stacked the political risk enormously onto the contractor. In fact will they want to build it all since Article 50 bill had some small print. The UK leaves Euratom regulation and so it won’t get built until we have a replacement treaty to say we aren’t just a nuclear proliferator like Iran or N Korea.

Since EDF is French government owned maybe they’ll say they don’t want to build it at all. Mind you since it’s the most expensive building ever, they probably will as long as the French President gets his name on it LOL. The Macron Generator has a certain ring to it.

Or… The Pen Project ……whoops. So I’ll stay with EDF til May and see who gets in ! #honestyworks

PS But seriously, why should a political tinge come up in a Linked In blog? Because lying in business is the same big problem as in politics. Particularly the silent form. “The opposite of honesty is….? Silence”.

And because customers’ spending is an effective form of voting. Customers have an effective vote in their choice of suppliers. Businesses understand that kind of pain this quarter, in a way that politicians seem immune from. Until the next election or coup.

Everyone’s politics are their choice and I defend their right to think what they like. And then I don’t – when it comes to consciously bullying, corporate greed and corruption, disrespecting others. I was going to use the word ethics but I looked the word up and it means moral philosophies. By that definition ethics are a debate about what is right and wrong.

One person’s right is another person’s wrong depending on that they believe. And thereby hangs a divisive problem for all to see.

Pausing to think about what is right and wrong requires a few precious minutes of your time each day for those important decisions. Learning how to examine right and wrong requires a larger investment in yourself and your people.

A good place to start is a great read. I’d recommend A Little History of Philosophy. I picked it up the other day and had read three chapters before I blinked so I had to buy it. Give it your kids too.

So I’ll pause for 5 mins each day to examine my decision to stay with my suppliers. Will you pause 5 minutes each day? To look at the decisions you take for granted, or the decisions you shy away from, or the decisions you don’t notice are there to make? Why? Because people will think you are unique. And then they’ll think you’re considerate. Then they’ll think you care about what’s right and wrong. And then they might think this is a good place to be.

But no more than 5 minutes or it becomes boring.

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