This article from HBR “Good data won’t guarantee good decisions” is an interesting view on spreading the analytical and information skills to make the most of the analytics tools available to businesses.

Back in 2005 we conducted side by side trials using various speech analytics tools. The learning was that the difference was nothing to do with the tools. It was all about the analyst. Not only good analytical skills, but also great communications skills, a deep understanding of the language of the business and of the organisation itself and its people.

So many clients are experimenting with many new kinds of analytics and therefore management information is getting more complex. Not only speech analytics & social media in many forms, but also the myriad of data in the data warehouses from core systems, contact systems, financials.

The 3 critical success factors are:

1) Growing communities of analysts and analytical skills in the general population of staff

2) Business staff who understand how to self serve using analytical tools rather than read standard reports presented for them. They need not be analysts themselves, but they do need to know how to make the most of the tools and the analysts

3) Decisionflows that take the right data to the right people, using infographics, business rules, well designed data structures and consistent process

As the article says big judgement for big data. But this judgement isn’t accidental, it needs to be designed. It needs to have the customer voice designed into the decisions. That takes a lot to get right. Its what we’ve been doing in the past few years in our Best Service Is No Service methods.

Take a look at our point of view in our new animation on decisionflow and let us know what you think.

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