Wikis are taking major companies by storm and helping to drive internal efficiencies among employees who can now share knowledge on products and processes across the organization. Static knowledge bases are being replaced by dynamic “knowledge sharing”.

As a result, knowledge in the corporate brain is kept current, consistent and accurate – to the benefit of the business and its customers. Wikis have a major role to play to support front line agents, and leading companies are finding that non-linear collaboration brings benefits to the enterprise, its agents, and its customers, along with increased energy for resolving customer issues.

At their core, Wikis enable collaboration across a “community”, so members can share or build together content. Operating rapidly “many to many”, these social networks create stronger, more relevant content than standalone knowledge bases, or than so-called experts can do.

This article discusses how real-time knowledge sharing is far more powerful than static knowledge around the organisation. It provides case study findings and discusses the lessons gained.


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