Why is it not surprising? What matters?

1) I’m struck by UK listening conversations I’ve had since Brexit. Two of them, educated wealthy people, saying they wanted to kick the politicians at any price.

2) Add in that people who don’t have much are getting less and outnumber the people who have a lot and are getting more. And that many people don’t want this to happen.

3) Media is no longer listening, analysing and reporting. It is re-reporting what twitter says. It is quoting press releases. It is an actor. So what’s on TV and in newspapers isn’t what it used to be.

And so it’s easy to be surprised.

Our UK politicians are distracted by Brexit and yet nothing has noticeable stopped because politicians do very little that makes any difference. It’s incredibly hard to DO anything even when you govern. Ask any CEO.

So headlines may go up and down but what really matters is what people do.

A young guy started working in my kitchen project on Monday. He’d resigned his previous job last week. Because his boss was overtly talking racist. He wouldn’t put up with it and walked. That’s what matters.

What people do matters. Culture is what people do.

What culture do you want in your country? In your business?

Listen harder, if you want to change things around you.

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